Award Winning

Blairs Limited

Blairs Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality, bespoke timber windows and external doorsets. Working with the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management (DMEM) at Strathclyde University, this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) aimed to adapt the existing manufacturing software to accommodate a wide range of new product features and improve the overall production line.


Crawford Scientific Limited

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) saw the successful collaboration between Crawford Scientific Ltd and the University of the West of Scotland. The aim was to design and develop
advanced eLearning products in analytical chemistry with improved project management, learning interaction and deployment technologies.


Breval Environmental Limited

Glasgow-based Breval Environmental Limited worked with the School of Science and Technology at Bell College (now part of the new University of the West of Scotland) on this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The collaboration aimed to design, prototype, test and develop a system for coating, cleaning and maintaining the internal surface of ducting systems, and prepare manufacturing documentation.