Physics, Engineering, Material Sciences Graduate (KTP Associate)

Salary Range
In the region of £27,328 - £30,738 per annum

Job Purpose

To work on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded programme for the development of epitaxial growth technology in InP and related III-V compounds These materials will be used to manufacture cutting-edge optoelectronic components and photonic integrated circuits for deployment in current and future generation telecommunications systems.

The selected candidate will join an expanding team of engineers and scientists developing this technology for a range of commercial applications. He/she should have experience in the epitaxial growth of semiconductor materials and their optical, electrical and structural characterisation. They will be based at the industrial partner’s facility to ensure their work is closely aligned to the overarching objectives of the project and the short-medium term commercial interests of the company. They will work closely with the company’s engineering and sales staff to ensure that the in-house growth capability matches the requirements of the company’s product development requirements

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. To develop and qualify epitaxial growth processes for commercially important InP and related III-V compounds.

2. Perform thorough structural and opto-electronic characterisation of these materials.

3. Optimise and continually improve growth processes to provide high quality epitaxial layers which exhibit a high level of uniformity and repeatability

4.Ownership of company’s growth equipment, including recipe writing, material characterisation, process control and basic maintenance tasks.

5. Assist in problem solving of growth related issues, using both in-house and external material characterisation techniques to identify and resolve process issues.

6. Work closely with engineering and production teams to schedule production, research and maintenance tasks appropriately

7. Lead research and development activities in epitaxial growth technology to explore commercial and academic opportunities

8. Assist in the identification, procurement and installation of appropriate metrology equipment to enhance the in-house characterisation capability

9. Undertake all work activity in a manner that conforms to rigorous commercial and national health and safety standards

10. Draft research papers and present research findings at national and international meetings

11. Prepare regular technical project reports and present research work at project review meetings

12. Develop knowledge and understanding of current industrial state-of-the-art growth process capability and keep fully informed of the latest developments in the subject field

13. Manage expenditure on the project budget and perform administrative and reporting tasks associated with the grant awarding body.

14. Contribute to School of Engineering activities, such as supervision of Master's students involved in related project work, and to present own work at internal seminars/lectures etc.

15. Contribute to College-School research strategy, culture, meetings and related training.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience

A1. A good first classdegree in Physics, Engineering, Materials Science, or related fields.
A2. Evidence of high quality research and/or development within an applied science/engineering background.
A3. Background in Physics, engineering, epitaxial growth processes and the transfer of processes

B1. PhD and/or relevant post-graduate experience in Semiconductor Physics, Engineering, or related disciplines.
B2. Experience in semiconductor epitaxial growth and material characterisation.
B3. Understanding of Knowledge Transfer from an academic base to an industrial partner.

C1. Ability to develop growth processes for a wide range of structures.
C2. Ability to take initiative and manage projects.
C3. Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-skilled team.
C4. Excellent communication and organisational skills, able to interact effectively with technical staff, academics and industrial partners.
C5. Ability to develop commercial and business awareness.
C6. Excellent interpersonal skills.
C7. Excellent technical writing skills.
C8. Effective team working and management skills.
C9. Time/project/budget management skills.
C10. Ability to meet deadlines and plan for contingencies.
C11. Self-motivation, initiative and capable of independent thought.
C12. Ability to solve complex technical problems.

E1. Normally 1-2 years relevant technical research and/or knowledge transfer experience.
E2. Experience in growth, material and electrical characterisation of semiconducting materials.
E3. Experience in carrying out independent research.
E4. Experience in submitting research publications in respected Journals and international conferences.

F1. Experience of Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy.
F2. Experience of InP based devices and materials.
F3. A wide range of experience in semiconductor materials.

Job Features

Planning and Organising
• Plan and organise research and administrative tasks related to one's own and the team's work.
To interface and work with the industrial partner.
• Bring issues to the attention of the PI.
• React to project needs which vary on a day-to-day basis.

Decision Making
• Prioritise own work.
• Contribute and often lead team decisions about research directions, and where and how to publish results.
• Purchase of technical materials (in conjunction with academic members of the project team).

Internal/External Relationships
• Frequent liaison with PI and other staff on project, both in institution and with external partners (where appropriate).
• Colleagues to exchange information to ensure efficient working.
• External bodies to maintain collaborations at all levels.

Problem Solving
• Solve technical research problems.
• Solve equipment problems (where appropriate).
• Be aware of funding issues.

• Good reporting skills
• Capacity for independent research.

Standard Terms & Conditions

The salary shall be determined by the Associate, the University and the KTP Partner  The amount shall be appropriate to the experience and qualifications of the appointed Associate in the region of £27,328 - £30,738 per annum

This position has funding for up to 21 months in the first instance. 

The Associate will be subject to an initial probation period of 6 months.
Vacancy Reference: 013252 Closing date: 7 June 2016

For more information and to apply go to and search for reference 013252.

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