KTP Associate - in association with Scottish Water

University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences Adam Smith Business School
KTP Associate Ref: 012070 Salary: In the region of £24,000 – £31,000 per annum  

Job Purpose

The aim of this post is to undertake a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project over 30 months with Scottish Water and the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. The project will contribute to a process of organisational change in knowledge management and knowledge sharing at Scottish Water, producing significant economic benefits, and will enhance the reputation of the Adam Smith Business School in undertaking knowledge exchange. The Associate will be responsible for implementing and making operational the project plan, which will involve determining current practices and business need, running trial interventions, collating evidence, drawing out evidence of changes in organisational behaviours and performance, capturing and communicating effective practice and devising an implementation strategy for enhanced knowledge management and knowledge sharing. The KTP Associate will be located with Scottish Water, mainly at its office close to Glasgow but will attend meetings at other Scottish Water sites. In common with all KTP projects, this KTP project will prepare its Associate for a career in management. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. The KTP Associate will implement the KTP project plan, comprising key tasks to be undertaken across the project’s duration of 25 months, undertaking practical interventions, capturing good practice and establishing a strategy and process for implementing knowledge management and knowledge sharing for Scottish Water. 

2. The KTP Associate will report to the project sponsor at Scottish Water, joining its Business Improvement function, and will liaise with the project’s knowledge base supervisors at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. 

3. The KTP Associate is responsible to the KTP project’s Local Management Committee, membership of which is drawn from Scottish Water, the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, and Innovate UK. The KTP Associate will report to the Local Management Committee three or four times a year on the project’s progress and with reference to the key milestones written into the project plan.

4. The KTP Associate will establish constructive and positive working relationships with colleagues at Scottish Water, to include participating in the daily working life of Scottish Water, participating in training and CPD organised by Scottish Water, and communicating and promoting the KTP project effectively within the organization and with key stakeholders.

5. The KTP Associate will work with colleagues at the Adam Smith Business School (the knowledge base) in writing-up parts of the project for presentation as applied research, case studies to be used in learning and teaching, and in capturing and reporting good practice in knowledge exchange and impact. 

6. The KTP Associate will participate in the KTP CPD programme, to include residential and on-line learning with a cohort of KTP Associates working on other projects across the UK.

7. The KTP Associate will participate in the network of KTP Associates and projects, drawing on ideas for good practice to be applied in the work with Scottish Water. 

8. The KTP Associate will contribute to the enhancement of the University’s international profile in line with the University’s Strategy (2015-2020), Inspiring People – Changing the World, http://www.gla.ac.uk/about/strategy/

Skills required:


A1 Educated to degree level awarded at a good honours level (eg, upper second or above), to include knowledge across business, management or other social science subjects

A2 Knowledge drawn from experience as part of honours education of working with organisations, for example as a dissertation, consultancy project or other applied coursework

A3 Knowledge and understanding of the role of knowledge management and knowledge sharing within large organisations and as a basis for relationships between organisations (for example, suppliers, customers, and competitors). 

A4 Knowledge of Scottish Water’s strategic aims, the role of Scottish Water and its public sector position in the Scottish economy and society, and of Scottish Water’s governance. 


B1 Knowledge of the wider water industry in the UK or other UK regulated utilities. 
B2 Knowledge of the strategy of the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, especially regarding external engagement and knowledge exchange. 
B3 Knowledge of the programme of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, as promoted and managed by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board). 
B4 A higher degree qualification, such as MSc. 


C1 Proven analytical and problem-solving capability
C2 Ability to prioritise competing demands among colleagues and other stakeholders in terms of projects
C3 High level of competence across Microsoft Office software
C4 Excellent skills in oral and written communication
C5 Self-starter with a proven ability to work independently and contribute to teams
C6 Ability to organise workload in the face of varying demands
C7 Ability to adhere to strict timescales, producing information clearly and concisely, both verbally and in written form
C8 Competence in collating, managing and sharing data, information and knowledge across a project team
C9 Ability to write for a range of publications in business practice, learning and teaching, and applied research. 

D1 Project management skills and techniques
D2 Managing a social media profile in business and professional contexts 
D3 An interest in supporting engineering, innovation management and the application of science as developed in the water industry. 


E1 Experience of working within organisations, for example, as part-time or temporary work, as an internship, or as project work undertaken as part of University studies. 
E2 Experience of forming and contributing to the further development of professional relationships, networks and collaborations
E3 Experience of contributing to the formulation, implementation and review of strategic initiatives. 
E4 Experience of working with senior colleagues, managers and stakeholders. 
E5 Budget management and reporting

F1 Experience of applying concepts, models, tools and techniques in analysing questions and challenges in work settings
F2 Experience of developing business cases to support investment and business change
F3 Experience of working in a multi-site organisation
F4 Organising and managing events, such as business meetings, workshops or training sessions

Job Features


Implementing a project that has been designed and planned to capture and sustain a clear economic benefit to Scottish Water, and among its suppliers.
Undertaking knowledge exchange in a partnership between Scottish Water and the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. 
Operational responsibility for undertaking, analysing and drawing lessons from interventions in the ways in which Scottish Water supports knowledge management and knowledge sharing.
Significant professional development across the project, through reflective learning in the project by being a KTP Associate and supported by participating in the KTP professional development programme.
Memberships of three groups: Scottish Water’s Business Improvement function, the Adam Smith Business School, and the cohort of KTP Associates working on other projects across the UK.

Planning and Organising
The KTP project has an outline plan, identifying the main tasks and milestones, the relationships between the main tasks, and a timeline for achieving the milestones. 
Each task requires detailed development and planning in order that the project may be implemented, managed, reviewed and reported upon, with key learning and impacts captured. The KTP Associate will develop a personal development plan in connection with the KTP’s programme. The KTP Associate will organise the meetings of the Local Management Committee, three or four times a year. 

Decision Making

Implementing the KTP project outline plan across each work task and with reference to delivery of each task’s milestones.
Advising Scottish Water of business and improvement opportunities as these arise in the project.
Advising the academic partners of emergent findings likely to be of interest in supporting applied research and as cases for supporting learning and teaching. 
Developing and maintaining a professional network across Scottish Water and its key stakeholders, the academic community at the Adam Smith Business School and elsewhere at the University of Glasgow, and the KTP community of other Associates and programme managers and directors. 
Passing on significant questions, requests for guidance and assistance, and observations as to the project’s progress to members of the Local Management Committee. 

Problem Solving
Negotiating with colleagues at Scottish Water in implementing the project, at different sites, across projects to install new assets and maintain established assets, with a range of groups at Scottish Water, for example in standards and research and innovation, with stakeholders such as suppliers, competitors, users and regulators.
Organising the implementation, monitoring, and analysing and reviewing of interventions as outlined in the KTP project plan.
Developing a communications plan to demonstrate the benefits and gains from improved knowledge management and knowledge sharing to the project’s key stakeholders.
Organising communications and engagements, including as meetings, workshops, training programmes, presentations, reports and short news pieces, ensuring that these for an integrated approach to communicating about the KTP project’s activities and outcomes. 
Responding to and resolving queries from those involved in the KTP project, primarily as colleagues at Scottish Water. 


Flexible approach to workload required, ability to organise own workload in the face of varying demands.
Travel within the UK essential and evening/weekend work required on occasion.
Some international travel, for instance occasionally for industry or academic workshops and conferences.
Access to sensitive and confidential material that requires the use of tact,
diplomacy and discretion in accordance to the laws of the data protection act.
Standard Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The salary shall be determined by the Associate, the University and the KTP Partner Scottish Water. The amount shall be appropriate to the experience and qualifications of the appointed Associate in the region of £24,000 – £31,000 per annum

This position has funding for 25 months from the date of appointment.

The Associate will be subject to an initial probation period of 6 months.

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