Product Development Engineer (KTP Associate in Advanced Finite Element Modelling)

Job Purpose

To work on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded programme in the area development of effective and cost-efficient design for rock catch fences. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out advanced finite element analysis on rock impact on catch fences. Based on these simulations, they will develop optimal design for catch fence systems. The successful candidate will also be expected to write reports on their studies and research papers, assist the industrial partner in field tests on rock catch fences and work closely with the marketing/sales team of the industrial partner to promote the design.

The Associate will work in the head office of QTS Group Ltd ( ) which is located in Strathaven of Scotland. QTS provides an extensive range of infrastructure services to major organisations across the rail, utilities, construction and public sectors. Its business has been growing fast in the past years. This position will offer an excellent opportunity for the Associate to work with a top academic team in advanced numerical modelling at University of Glasgow and senior management team of QTS.

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