Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Ltd


CSTG is a ‘pure play’ semiconductor foundry and custom service provider specialising in the design, development, and manufacture of discrete and integrated III-V opto-electronic devices.

Since 1999, CSTG has provided specialist foundry services to clients in the Telecommunications, Defence, Medical and Instrumentation markets. They offer full product support from design to manufacturing, levered off a comprehensive library of qualified fabrication processes and a suite of high performance device platforms.

Today CSTG serves both fabless and vertically integrated customers in UK, US, Europe and Japan, and is recognised as a flagship project for the UK opto-electronics industry.

CSTG are located in Blantyre near Glasgow.

CSTG are currently working with the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow to develop a high performance, low cost, single frequency laser device platform for next generation access networks. 

This project is ongoing and being supported by the West of Scotland KTP Centre.

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All photographs reproduced with permission from CSTG