KTP Associate: Software Engineer

University of Glasgow / eCom Scotland
Location: Dunfermline
Salary £32-34k (plus £4k training and development)
Closing date: 18 May 2022

Job Purpose
This role is offered through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded programme for the development and implementation of remoterobotic educational and training system that allows the trainers and trainees to perform remote experiments and exercises from theextended reality environment.
The industrial partner, where the role is based for this project is eComScotland (https://www.ecomscotland.com/), who are a well-established company in AR/VR educational content and assessment creation. The selected candidate will work at the company’sDunfermline site, receiving training from the company and support from the university teams.
This role requires direct engagement with eCom’s Directors, KTP project team driving discussions that create strategic businessopportunities for the company, aligned to business value and technical solutions to the customer’s long term business strategies.
The role requires the development of a broad and deep understanding of eLearning technology and its application in telepresencerobotics. Providing service offerings and the ability to align the industry’s technology solutions that leverage the full breadth of eComtechnologies, solution offering and reusable IP.
The role will require the associate to work across the business with Marketing, Sales and Delivery teams to identify, peruse, analyse andcapture business opportunities, product roadmaps, and webhosting considerations. This role requires a passion for the customerexperience, which is demonstrated through their professionalism, work ethic and striving for excellence in all aspects of the customerexperience. This is an exciting opportunity to work alongside the research team of the company as well as senior management staff.
This role applies advanced analytical skills and experience to define technology solutions that closely align to customer business needs. Be able to research areas and produce effective specifications to overcome challenges. To be credible, he or she must have current anddeep experience with the implementation of large software systems. Understanding of competitive technology enables this role toproperly assess feasibility of migrating customer solutions and/or integrating with customer solutions.
You will be rewarded with a highly competitive salary, a personal training and travel budget for attendance at accredited training events.eComScotland prioritise the professional development of their staff and there will be internal opportunities to upskill and obtainprofessional qualifications.
Ideally, we are searching for a software engineer with strong interest in AR/VR and robotics. Ideally you should have some experiencewith programming and robotic control.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develop a solution for human-VR and human-robot remote interaction while aiming to reduce the communication latency.
2. Work as part of eCom team to make decisions that influence product development
3. Provide technical quality assurance at various points along a project lifecycle
4. Undertake technical risk analysis, product improvement and scalability
5. Manage full application lifecycle using up-to-date tools, technologies and practices e.g. Agile development methodologies(Scrum/Kanban), Test Driven Development, Service Oriented Architectures, modern design patterns such as Micro-services
6. Liaise with eCom DevOps staff to provide hosting environments for large enterprise solutions in complex heterogeneousenvironments
7. To contribute to research papers and presentations at national and international meetings
8. To prepare technical project reports with regular presentation of research findings at project and company meetings.
9. To keep up to date with current developments in the subject field and market trends.
10. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as required by the Line manager and eCom’s KTP Business Supervisor.
11. To carry out administrative tasks associated with research assigned by the Line manager and eCom’s KTP Business Supervisor .
A1 Degree level qualification in computer science, computer engineering, electronics, mechatronics or similar engineering/physicalsciences
A2 A Qualification at Framework (SCQF) level 10 or above, or alternatively possess the equivalent in professional qualifications andexperience, with experience of personal development in a similar or related role(s)
Knowledge, Skills and Experience
C1 A comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge, or interest, of current issues and future directions within the wider subject area orsubject specialism
C2 Detailed knowledge of software programming, especially for AR/VR content
C3 Advanced level knowledge in architecting, planning, testing and deploying software solutions
C4 An understanding to design global Azure Cloud environments
C5 Working toward or achieved a Masters in computer science related field
D1 A good knowledge of communications system requirements
D2 A knowledge of online training development and analytics
D3 Sufficient depth of relevant understanding in robotics
E1 Proven ability to deliver quality outputs in a timely and efficient manner;
E2 A track record of presentation or publication of research results in high quality journals and conferences;
E3 Experience of making a leading contribution in academic activities;
E4 Ability to demonstrate a degree of independence as illustrated by identification of project objectives from assessment of theliterature, design & analysis of experiments & drafting of papers;
E5 Experience in undertaking independent research;
E6 Ability to take initiative and project manage;
E7 Confident and self-reliant.

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