KTP Research Assistant (KTP Associate)

University of Glasgow / Cell Guidance Systems
Location: Cambridge
Salary: £30,395 - £34,188 per annum
Closing Date: 28th April 2019

Job Purpose

To work on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded programme for the development of biomaterials incorporating the Polyhedrin Delivery System (PODS) for growth factor delivery. 

The industrial partner for this project is Cell Guidance Systems (https://www.cellgs.com/) and the selected candidate will primarily be based at their premises in Cambridge receiving training from both the company and university teams. 

He/she should have experience with in vitro cell culture systems such as hydrogels, 3D bioprinting and microcarrier based culture and experience using material based systems to deliver growth factors to cells. Their work will be closely aligned to the commercial interests of the company and they will work closely with the company’s engineering, sales and management staff taking a leading role in the delivery of new products. The successful candidate will also be expected to write reports on their studies and research papers during the course of the KTP.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. To develop biomaterials (bioink, 3D hydrogel and microcarriers) which incorporate the PODS system. 

2. To collaborate with the academic members of the project team in order to transfer biomaterial knowledge and processes relevant to into the company.

3. To contribute to writing up research papers and presenting research findings at national and international meetings

4. To prepare technical project reports and SOPs with regular presentation of research findings at project and company meetings.

5. To take responsibility for equipment and labs associated with the project and take an active role in forming a biomaterials group within the company.

6. To assist in the product design process based by developing awareness of the hydrogel and 3D cell culture sectors.

7. To keep up to date with current developments in the subject field and market trends.

8. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as required by the Principal Investigator.

9. To contribute to School of Engineering activities, such as supervision of Master's students doing project related to work, and to present on own work at seminars/lectures etc. 

10. To carry out administrative tasks associated with research assigned by the line manager. 

11. To contribute to College-School research strategy, culture, meetings and related training.

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