Software Engineer (KTP Associate)

** This vacancy is in partnership with The University of Salford - the post is based in Aberdeen **

Salary - £25,000 - £31,100

Contract type - Fixed Term

Duration of contract - 24 month

Hours - Full time

Closing date - 26 May 2017

Location - Company Premises, Aberdeem (KTP Only)

Vacancy Details

We are looking for a dynamic and ambitious software engineer to design and implement an architecture for integrating a family of cloud-hosted services with sensor data for asset tracking and mobile hand-held device data. Your focus will be on creating a set of asset management software services for the energy sector with applied research opportunities in elasticity and multi-tenancy for cloud-hosted software applications. The project will use a scrum-style agile development process, which you will refine and disseminate within the company. 

You will play a leading role in developing innovative cloud-hosted services using agile development methods. The successful candidate will undertake a 24 month collaborative project between Add Latent Ltd (a specialist provider of offshore equipment reliability and maintenance management services) and the University of Salford (Computer Science & Software Engineering). Based in Aberdeen, in the beautiful north east of Scotland, you will be supported by the experienced staff from Add Latent Ltd. 

The successful candidate will receive extensive practical and formal training; will benefit from a Personal Development Budget of £4,000; will gain first-hand experience of both technical and management skills that are in high-demand and will have the opportunity to register free of charge for a higher-degree in an area closely associated with the project. This role will give you the opportunity for significant personal development you can expect to move into a permanent technology leadership role at the company, assuming successful delivery of the project outcomes. 

We are committed to being an inclusive employer and are working towards developing an inclusive working environment celebrating the diversity of our University community. 

Please note that this role will close at 11.59pm on 26 May 2017 

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