North of Scotland KTP Centre

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Current KTP Projects


Accord Energy Solutions Ltd are an independent, specialist consultancy providing commercial and operational support to international oil and gas companies, helping clients to realise the true fiscal value of their produced hydrocarbons by providing them with integrated hydrocarbon accounting solutions. Their second KTP is underway with Robert Gordon University’s School of Computing Science and Digital Media to research, develop, evaluate and implement an innovative Bayesian-based data reconciliation and Gross Error Detection approach for hydrocarbon allocation and attribution using cloud-based software.


Colbeggie Fruits are an innovative soft fruit product supplier, with a packhouse packing several hundreds of tonnes of strawberries and raspberries annually, and biomass boilers heating polytunnels for out-of-season fruit production. They are collaborating on a KTP project with Abertay University's Division of Food and Drink to improve company productivity and profitability by recovering bioactive compounds with chemoprotective properties from out-grade fruits for use in a stand-alone nutraceutical supplement and as a value-adding ingredient in a number of food industries.



Premier COREX are an international provider of analytical services for the oil and gas industry, helping to improve hydrocarbon recovery, while mitigating risk for exploration and production operators. They are working on a KTP project with Robert Gordon University’s School of Computing to develop and enhance the commercial value of COREX’s unique UK Continental Shelf drill core data by applying a range of emerging data analysis techniques.


Davidsons is a self-funding, family-run business and is the largest manufacturer of ruminant animal feeds in Scotland. James Hutton Institute’s Environmental and Biochemical Sciences department recently started a KTP with Davidsons to develop novel animal feeds by adding edible UK seaweeds to improve their nutritional status, health and value.


Elasmogen is a privately held biopharmaceutical company in Aberdeen, developing a pipeline of soloMER protein drug products (biologics) for the treatment of inflammatory disease. SoloMERs are small antibody-like molecules that make up part of the immune systems of sharks, and have drug-like characteristics that make them superior to antibodies for certain diseases. Elasmogen makes soloMERs in the laboratory and modifies them for use as drugs in humans. They are teaming up with University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Medical Sciences to develop the knowledge and capability to design, construct and test new and efficacious bi-specific drugs for liver disease, a ‘silent epidemic’ driven by growing levels of obesity and diabetes, and where no effective drug currently exists.


HITRANS is a statutory regional transport partnership established through the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 to deliver transport solutions across the Highlands and Islands. They are working with Robert Gordon University’s School of Creative and Cultural Business to develop and pilot a rural and island transport innovation planning and appraisal tool, to enhance and mainstream the uptake of transport innovation in the Highlands and Islands and to improve and optimise HITRANS’s strategic decision making.


Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) was founded in 2013 to make vertical farming commercially viable at scale by combining automation, smart LED lighting and power management in a modular unit for the first time. They are working with the James Hutton Institute’s Cell and Molecular Sciences department on a KTP to develop the capacity to control plant-microbe interactions within the IGS system, to optimise crop production by reducing waste through spoilage and generate a risk framework for ensuring future food safety compliance.


Meatsnacks specialise in the production of jerky, a high protein, gluten free, ready to eat meat snack, leading the UK market with their own brands, as well as manufacturing supermarket own label products. They are working with Abertay University’s Food and Drink Division to develop understanding of the science behind their production process and its impact on product quality and to gain knowledge in new product development, in order to create jerky with a better flavour, texture and consistency, widen its appeal and attract new customers.


Mintra Group is a leading global partner for companies within oil and gas, maritime, construction and renewables looking to achieve cost effective management of HR, competence and training. In association with Mintra, Robert Gordon University’s School of Computing Science and Digital Media recently started a KTP to develop a multi-layer authentication platform to enable secure remote invigilation, using advanced machine vision and machine learning algorithms to authenticate users and identify ID fraud or other abnormalities.


One of the oldest and most dynamic independent companies in Scotland, Montrose Rope and Sail’s heritage dates from 1789, when it was established to make handcrafted products for the fishing industry. The company has adapted over time and now applies the same passion and care to design and manufacture a range of products including tarpaulin covers, bungee elastic and high-quality handmade bags for the oil and gas industry. Montrose Rope & Sail are collaborating with Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, to develop, manufacture and brand a new range of products within the luxury high-end fashion accessories market, utilising the company’s heritage, existing expertise within manufacture and unique industrial range of products.


NATS safely delivers air traffic control (ATC) services enabling 2.3m flights per annum. NATS (En-Route) PLC provides en-route ATC services to aircraft flying to, from and over the UK and over the eastern North Atlantic, in some of the world’s most complex airspace. They are working with Abertay University’s School of Design and Informatics to optimise and enhance current ATC training provision using gamification and emerging technologies.


The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is a national conservation charity whose key objectives include the protection and care of Scotland’s heritage and the creation of an efficient and sustainable business that supports their conservation needs. In collaboration with NTS, the University of the Highlands and Islands will soon be recruiting an electronics graduate to apply the latest technologies to land management at Mar Lodge Estate in the Cairngorms National Park.


Onorach is a leading Contract Research Organisation specialising in clinical trial management for drug discovery, medical devices, food health and wellness products. They were recently awarded funding for a KTP with University of Dundee to develop and validate Onorach's patFINDER software system, interrogating medical data to efficiently identify and recruit patient cohorts to clinical trials that meet specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.


Optimal provide physical asset management consultancy services targeted at the mining industry. They were recently awarded funding for a KTP with the University of Aberdeen's School of Engineering to develop a data library and service tool for physical asset reliability optimisation in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.


PJ Stirling is one of Scotland’s largest fruit and vegetable farming businesses. They are working with the Cell and Molecular Sciences Group at the James Hutton Institute to develop premium berries with enhanced health benefits for consumers.


Return to Scene originally developed their 360° photographic survey process and software, R2S, to capture crime scenes.  Diversification into oil and gas allowed exponential expansion and the company is now part of James Fisher Group. R2S have teamed up with Robert Gordon University’s Scott Sutherland School of Architecture to translate the existing R2S visual asset management software for application in the construction industry.


Rubberatkins develop and supply rubber elastomeric sealing components and Engineering plastics for use in the Oil and Gas industry, and also supply a number of products to the Aerospace and Petrochemical industries. They were recently awarded funding to work with Robert Gordon University’s School of Engineering to develop an in-house capability to characterise the extrusion of elastomers at the nano-scales structural level to drive scientifically led new product design and development.


Scotia Biologics is an immuno-technology specialist contract research company, developing vaccines and bespoke antibodies to a diverse customer base including academic institutions, biotechnology and pharma companies. With the Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre, University of Aberdeen, Scotia Biologics recently started a KTP to develop, optimise and commercialise two novel antibodies for use as flow cytometry reagents, improving the current methods for the analysis of cell death.


Scot Bio makes and sells phycocyanin, an all-natural pigment extracted from the cyanobacteria spirulina, which is the only internationally approved stable natural blue colourant and is used as a food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical ingredient and as a reagent. Scot Bio and the CyanoSol Research Group at Robert Gordon University’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences are collaborating on a KTP project to develop the knowledge and capability for valorisation of waste biomass from the production of phycocyanin.


Honeyberries are fruit of the honeysuckle plant and originate from harsh climates such as Japan and Siberia. The Honeyberry Cooperative was formed in response to the increasing interest of growing Honeyberry fruit in Scotland in order to develop and research cultivation methods, design a route to market and promote Honeyberry products. They are working on a KTP project with the James Hutton Institute’s Cell and Molecular Sciences department to develop expertise in new fruit product development.


The Turbo Guy is a supplier and remanufacturer of turbochargers to the automotive trade. They are partnering with Abertay University’s Dundee Business School on a KTP project to develop and implement a bespoke remanufacturing process whilst developing new BSI/ISO quality standards, allowing a transformation of business productivity and significantly larger market opportunities.


Vertebrate Antibodies is a spin-out biotech company from Aberdeen University, focused on developing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to key targets for research and clinical applications. They are currently working on a KTP project to create detection probes and therapeutic agents for tumour markers with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition.


W & J Knox Ltd has a 240-year history as a manufacturer of netting products. They provide customised nets for sports, camouflage, bird control, fishing and aquaculture, and a highly engineered net servicing process. They have partnered with Abertay University’s Division of Food and Drink on a KTP to develop processes to extract high value commercial products from the aquatic waste materials retrieved during net servicing, reducing waste and generating innovative new business opportunities.