North of Scotland KTP Centre

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects give recent graduates the opportunity to become a KTP Associate, building on their degree whilst developing future career prospects.  We offer recent graduates the opportunity to gain further qualifications of their choice with a personal training and development budget.  KTP Associates manage groundbreaking innovation projects in a range of fields, and have a unique opportunity to develop business/industry experience alongside dedicated academic support.

At KTP we only recruit the very best graduates as KTP Associates.  Although your work is your own, we provide you with continuous support from both the University and Company you work with.  70% of KTP Associates are offered employment by the company partner at the end of their project.


  • Excellent career opportunity
  • Competitive salary
  • £2,000 p.a. tax-free personal training and development budget
  • Further qualifications
  • Mentoring support from experienced company and academic staff