North of Scotland KTP Centre

Robert Gordon University University Highlands and Islands University of Aberdeen James Hutton Institute Abertay UniversityUniversity of Dundee




The North of Scotland KTP Centre helps Academics by raising awareness of existing opportunities.  We will work with you and your institution giving guidance on the application process and help you prepare the proposal for submission.  The KTP Centre helps by providing assistance with finding industrial collaborators and general advice on how to improve the chances of a proposal being funded.

The help given by the Centre is not only at the application and start-up stage.  Once the programme of work is underway the project will be managed by the partnership with continuing administrative support from the Centre, allowing the partnership to concentrate on delivering the project outcomes.


  • Initiate/strengthen industrial relationships
  • Increase grant income
  • Case studies, student projects / placements, course updates
  • Post-graduate degrees
  • Publications
  • Counts towards REF