North of Scotland KTP Centre

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About Us

The North of Scotland KTP Centre

The North of Scotland KTP Centre is a joint collaboration between the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University, also providing support to the University of the Highlands and Islands, the James Hutton Institute, Abertay University and the University of Dundee.

The centre provides assistance and guidance in completing the KTP application forms and provides secretarial and administration support once the project has been awarded.  To date the centre has helped and successfully managed around 250 KTP projects and has a 95% success rate in getting applications approved.

The application process requires a close interaction with the KT Advisers from Innovate UK.  This interaction is managed through the KTP Centre, and the process involves:  

KTP Expression of Interest (EOI)

A four-page EOI can be submitted at any time to the North of Scotland KTP Centre.  The centre provides guidance in drafting applications in order to have them approved by the KT Adviser.  The EOI contains sections which form part of the main application.  If it is believed the project is not suitable for KTP for any reason, we will endeavour to point the partners towards a more appropriate funding mechanism.

KTP Application

The online KTP submission process is directly managed by the Centre.  There are 6 submission deadlines every year and the results are known approximately 8-10 weeks after each submission date.


For more information please contact the North of Scotland KTP Centre staff: