North of Scotland KTP Centre

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New Projects


Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited (IGS) expertise is in mechanical, electronic and software engineering and have already developed novel automated vertical framing systems (photon factories) allowing low input, high density production of consistent, high quality crops year round with minimal environmental footprint.   IGS has recently been awarded a KTP partnership to work in conjunction with The James Hutton Institute to further develop the process and protocols to optimise yield, organoleptic and nutritional quality of a range of crops.


Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd is the largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in Scotland and has recently been awarded a KTP project in partnership withThe Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).   The project will provide an excellent opportunity for embedding hydrodynamic modelling and NewDEPOMOD into the environmental team at MHS through providing training and clearly documented procedures.


ANM Group Limited is the largest farmer owned co-operative in Scotland and has recently been awarded a KTP partnership to work in conjunction with theUniversity of Aberdeen, Business School to develop its digital presence and communications with the goal of better engagement and enhanced experience with members and customers ensuring sustainable business growth.


Mackie's Limited is a UK recognised brand and has recently been awarded a KTP partnership to work in conjunction with Abertay University to develop its own chocolate indulgent treats.   Mackie's will be the only Scottish chocolate manufacturing site capable of producing chocolate from the raw ingredients.  Using the knowledge and expertise gained through the KTP further products would be subsequently developed within their own newly opened "sweetie kitchen" facility.